What We Do

We provide a full suite of cost-effective ecological consultancy services tailored to meet the exact needs of your individual project. Our breadth of experience means we are well equipped to assist whatever the scale or level of complexity.


Ecological Survey

Woodfield Ecology is experienced and appropriately licenced to provide a wide range of surveys including habitat, botanical and faunal species surveys.

Ecological Assessment

We pride ourselves in the quality of our analysis and reporting and produce a wide range of ‘reader-friendly’ ecological appraisals.

GIS, Data Management & Analysis

Woodfield Ecology is able to produce accurate digital mapping to help clearly illustrate our findings within reports as well as enable us to inform other design team disciplines by providing mapping layers for a scheme.

Mitigation, Management
& Enhancements

We work closely with our clients to offer pragmatic, affordable and practical solutions for mitigation strategies.



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